Friday, January 24, 2014

Information About New Mobiles /uses of Mobile

This side provid information about new mobile prices.If any new mobile is made/coming to the the market we will inform you all information about new mobiles.Its features,size,wight,colours,Camera and shape etc.All information about new mobile.Because new mobile is very important for all persons in the world.In this world with out mobile life can not be existence.New mobile have many latest/advance  features because new mobile provide  many new informations.By using mobile we sole our problems in few minutes.for Example We purchase any thing in a country/foreign countries just I call to any businessman of foreign countries and purchase any thing by using mobile Phone in a Few minutes.We use internet easily in the the mobile.Through use internet in our mobiles we done any work in international countries.I need for any thing just take our mobile go to internet option in mobile search and study to sole our problems.We down load any thing by internet.Mobile is very necessary for all human beings.

 Uses of mobile                                                                                                            

v  We use mobile to take photos,to make movies,Audio and video recording.

v  Mobile is use to make a call,send messages,send photos By using MMS.

v  We use calculator,see calander and time.

v  Save contacts and save messages in a mobile.

v  Data transfer from one mobile to another mobile by using mobile Bluetooth.

v  Connect our mobile from computer by using data cable, Data transfer from computer to mobile or mobile to computer.

v  We connect our mobile from computer use internet easily in computer.

v  Many data save in our phone memory.

v  In night we use mobile torch.

v  We use dictionary in our mobile.

v  Record our daily expenses in mobile spread sheet.

v  I save task,events and Alarm in a mobile,The Alarm remember any work/some important meetings.

v  Play different games in our mobile.

v  To see movies or photos in a mobile.

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