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How we use Mobile Messages,FM Radio,Calendar and Calculator

Your phone sports various massaging service.You can create,send,receive,edit tex/multimedia messages.
Messages contain the following folders.

v  Write message: On selected write message,the secreen will pop up to ask you to input the contacts of the message using different input methods.

v  Inbox: This folder stores all the received messages.

v  Drafts: You can save a message you edit in the drafts.

v  Outbox: If the messages is failed to be sent ,The messages will be saved in the outbox.

v  Broadcast messages: Broadcast messages is a service provide by the network operator to sent messages such as weather forecast ,trafficstatus etc.To all GSM subscribers in a sepic area.

v  Tamplets: Tamplets atores 10 preloded written tex messages for ready usage.

v  Message Settings: Message Settings store all the different settings responsible for sending and receiving messages.

FM Radio

v  Channel list: List out all the current channels.You can inter chanal list,Edit if and display the searched channel list.

v  Manual Input: Input the desired broad casting channel manually.

v  Auto Search: Search and create the channels list automatically.

v  Settings: To set some parameters of FM.

v  Record: To record the current program being played on the radio.

v  Append: To append the record.

You can use the calendar to keep track of important mettings.After entering the calendar function menu you can select year,month and date using direction keys.On a selectd date you can select to view.

v  View: To view and set the schedule of a day.

v  View all: To view the schedule of all days.

v  Add event: You can add several  events to the date.

v  Delete event: you can delete all /overdue/specific period event.

v  Jump to date: To input the date enter the calendar,then move the cursor to the specified date.

v  Go to toay: Go to check today.

v  Go to weekly view: Go to view the calendar events in weekly style.

Keep your calculation on your finger tips up,down,left,right with the easy to use calculator.

Calculation Signs
v  ­­/       Divide

v  X   Multiply

v  +   Add

v  _    Subtract







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