Friday, January 3, 2014

Charge the battery

v  Bfore charging the battery,please make sure that the battery is installed propery in the phone.

v  Connect the charger lead to the phone socket and than connect the charger to the Ac socket.

v  If the phone is off when it’s charger,charging indicator is display on the screen.

v  If the phone is on when it’s charging,user can use it  while charging.

v  When the battery is full charged,the charging indicator on the screen is full and stop twinking.

v  While using the hand set for the first time, please completely discharge and then completely charge the battery. Repete the process for three times to achieve the full performance of the battery.

v  Long period unused or some reson may cause low battery pressure,so at the begningof charging the screen is black and it may take a while before the charging indicator appears.

v  The charging indicator show on the screen charger removed or charger connected, to remove the charger for socket.

v  Before you install or change battery, please ensure you already turn off the phone.


Waring : When charging, in order to avoide serious damage to phone circuit,do not remove or dispose the Battery.



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